2011 VR Summer Workshop

This year World16 is engaged in virtual reality (VR) and computer graphics research with impacts in a variety of academic and professional fields. During this year's VR Summer Workshop, the group met at the University of Pisa, Italy to present current research endeavors and share new technologies.

The presentations at the workshop represent the middle stage of current research projects. Final results will be presented at the 5th International VR Symposium this November in Tokyo, Japan.

2011 World16 VR Research Projects:

"CityDesign - Procedural City Modeling Tools"
Prof. Yoshihiro Kobayashi,
Arizona State University

"Two 'Cloud' Technologies: Point Cloud Optimization
and VR Cloud Application for Townscape Design"
Prof. Tomohiro Fukuda,
Osaka University

Prof. Kostas Terzidis,
Harvard University

"Digital Manga in UC-win/Road"
Prof. Marc Aurel Schnabel and Dr. Inge Yingge Qu,
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

"Media Field Navigation"
Prof. Marcos Novak,
University of California SB

"Shader Graphs for UC-win/Road"
Matthew Swarts,
Georgia Institute of Technology

"Multiple Stakeholders in the Shadows of the Datascape"
Prof. Michael Jemtrud, Prof. Nik Luka, Jason Crow, and Andrew Chung,
McGill University

"Visualizing Wadi Madaiq"
Prof. Ron Hawker,
Zayed University

"From Acoustic Simulation to Form Generation - a Case Study
in Noise Simulation and Visualization"
Prof. Ruth Ron,
University of Florida

"VR in Construction Monitoring"
Prof. Wael Abdelhameed,
University of Bahrain

"Character Development"
Prof. Thomas Tucker,
Winston-Salem State University

"SIM Lucca - VR for Italian Cities"
Prof. Paolo Fiamma and Pierluigi D'Acunto,
University of Pisa

"Implementing 'Traffic Derivation Protocol' in UC-win/Road
to Avoid Traffic Jams While Visualizing VR Models"
Prof. Amar Bennadji,
Robert Gordon University

"Extreme Interaction with UC-win/Road using a
Lightweight Character Representation Method"
Prof. Taro Narahara,
New Jersey Institute of Technology


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