VR Tutorials: Scenario Creation and Editing in UC-win/Road (Part 1 of 4)

This tutorial series will guide you through basic scenario creation in UC-win/Road. Scenarios are interactive simulations that guide the user through a series of events. Using UC-win/Road's robust tool set for creating driving scenarios, these tutorials will allow you to:

1. Trigger events that provide information/instructions to users as they drive through a 3D environment
2. Learn the basics of the UC-win/Road Scenario Editor
3. Establish waypoints for audio/visual cues that users will experience as they navigate a scenario
4. Change weather/environmental conditions

Part 1 of this series acclimates the user to the UC-win/Road scenario editor interface by teaching you how to launch a vehicle and trigger a simple text message at a waypoint along a road.

Tutorial materials:
Part 1, Scenario Basics (.WMV) can be downloaded directly HERE