VR Tutorials:Terrain Generation for UC-Win/Road

This tutorial shows Forum8AZ's pipeline for creating XML terrain based on free download-able DEM data and associated satellite imagery.

click here to download fullsize video tutorials (plus xml terrain maker)
or here to download just the xml terrain maker and terrain calculator

software needed:
web browser
google earth pro
adobe photoshop
Microsoft excel (terrain calculator (blank).
XML terrain maker (included in the download)

1: terrain generation part 1
create Google Earth centerpoint
create lat-long placemarks on whole degrees around centerpoints, and measure the distance
download the DEM data from http://www.gdem.aster.ersdac.or.jp/
begin filling out terrain calculator excel sheet
clip DEM to UC's 20km by 20km size
use XML terrain maker java program (courtesy of Yoshihiro Kobayashi) to generate terrain.

2: terrain generation part 2
create Google Earth placemarks for the satellite image bounds (top left and bottom right)
export imagery for 4km and 20 km grid
tile imagery in Photoshop

3: terrain generation part 3
create specific location settings in UC
create a new user defined project
import xml terrain patch (then delete and chose not to restore original data)
import satellite imagery into UC

for now, these can be streamed on my picasa album, found here


VR Tutorials: Creating and Editing Intersections in UC-win/Road

This series of VR tutorials will guide you through creating and editing road intersections in UC-win/Road. Each video will cover the following topics:

1: Create road intersections with UC-win/Road
  • Draw two roads to create a simple intersection
  • Use the vertical profile editor to adjust road height
  • Generate traffic on roads

2: Create road intersections with UC-win/Road
  • Place traffic light models at the intersection
  • Use the intersection editor to activate traffic controls
  • Become familiar with the signal phase editor

3: Advanced intersection editing techniques
  • Add/edit textures to intersection components
  • Edit drive paths and stopping points
  • Adjust queue lengths