VR Tutorials: Importing 3D Buildings from Sketchup into UC-win/Road

Getting 3D buildings from Google Earth and the Google 3D Warehouse into UC-win/Road is quick and easy with SketchUp Pro.

This tutorial guides you through the process of transferring 3D data between the two platforms, and also provides several tips for optimizing your data for VR use.

A few tips to remember to make your life easier when importing 3D buildings into UC-win/road from Sketchup:
  • Export models from SketchUp Pro in the .FBX file format for the smoothest transfer to UC-win/Road. UC-win/Road can also read .3DS files, but this is only recommended if you are creating your buildings in 3D Studio Max or Maya
  • UC-win/Road renders in real-time, so the simpler your objects are (think simple geometry and small textures), the faster and smoother they will render in your project.
  • Not all models in the Google 3D Warehouse are made equal. In fact, most are made for rendering static images or animations and are extremely high-polygon and texture heavy. These models will render poorly in UC-win/Road and your fps (frames per second) will suffer.